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The most magnificent of the imperial palaces on the Palatine was the one built by the architect Rabirio, commissioned by Domitian.

The palace was divided into three buildings, the Domus Flavia, intended to public functions, the Domus Augustana, private residence of the emperor, so called because for centuries was the seat of the successors of Domitian and the stadium.

Palazzo di Domiziano
Domitian Palace - click to enlarge

Most of the works on display in the Palatino Museum come from the Domitian complex, works that to have been commissioned by emperors are excellent workmanship.

Below we show you just a glance. Let's start with the Roman copies of Greek originals such as the Apollo type “Anzio”; the Aphrodite Sosandra; the Ganymede; the beautiful Paris; the Dying Persian, replica of a Pergamum original, belonging to the second Hellenistic style and the Satyr also of the second Hellenistic style.

Paris Dying Persian
Paris - click to enlarge Dying Persian - click to enlarge

About the imperial portraiture we show: Nero (37 -68 AD) young and adult; Antoninus Pius (86 - 161); Marcus Aurelius young (121- 180); the unforgettable Princess, perhaps the daughter of Marcus Aurelius; Julia Domna, the powerful wife of Septimius Severus (145 - 211); Maximinus Thrax (173 - 238); Balbino (178 - 238).

Antoninus Pius Princess
Antoninus Pius - click to enlarge Princess - click to enlarge



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