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The Roman National Museum
The Roman National Museum - click to enlarge

The Roman National Museum, together with the Vatican Museums and the Capitoline represents the world summit of the Greek-Roman Art.
Given the richness and uniqueness of the works, we decided to offer a themed tour starting from the Greek-Roman Eros.
The interpretation of Eros that we show has allusive, insinuating character and somewhat ironic moment, to you to judge this brief selection.

We could not leave except by Venus the Venus Pudica (=Prudish), inspired by the Venus Cnidia of Praxiteles who carved her in the fourth century BC.
Not as demure is the squatting Venus of whom we have two specimens, in the second of which the hand of an impudent Cupid falls in the critical zone.

Erotica Romana - Venere accovacciata Squatting Venus
Squatting Venus (1) - click to enlarge Squatting Venus (2) - click to enlarge

We now turn to Melpomene, muse of tragedy, inspired by the cycle of the nine muses by Philiskos of Rhodes. Extraordinary the design of the mouth and the sweetness of the look.

And here we are in front of the Sleeping Hermaphrodite’ soft shapes; but turning around him, surprise!

Sleeping Hermaphrodite
Sleeping Hermaphrodite - click to enlarge

And finally we see the master of the house, Eros himself.
This sculpture in its synthesis of beauty, sweetness and seduction fully depicts  the erotic ideal of the Greek-Roman world, to which follows the unforgettable Dionysus.

To our collection could not miss Apollo.
And what about Hylas, the Greek hero, for his beauty contented by nymphs?

But what happened in the private rooms of the powerful?
Let us enter the bedroom of Agrippa, son-in-law of Augustus, looking for inspiration.

Erotica Romana - Venere accovacciata Bedroom of Agrippa
Bedroom of Agrippa - click to enlarge



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