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San Luigi dei Francesi
San Luigi dei Francesi - click to enlarge

The façade of San Luigi dei Francesi, designed by Giacomo della Porta, was finished in 1589 by Domenico Fontana, the architect and urban planner of Pope Sixtus V.

The interior has one nave and two side aisles.
On the walls of the second chapel of the right aisle Domenichino (1581-1641), painted one of his masterpieces: the Stories of Santa Cecilia. Note the choral movements, the liveliness of the scenes, the classicism of feminine features, the care of every detail.

San Luigi dei Francesi - click to enlarge
San Luigi dei Francesi - Stories of Santa Cecilia San Luigi dei Francesi - Stories of Santa Cecilia
Domenichino, Stories of Santa Cecilia

Turning to the left nave we see the famous chapel Contarelli, painted by Caravaggio between 1599 and 1602.

Altar: St. Matthew and the Angel; right wall: Martyrdom of Matthew, in the background we see a self-portrait of Caravaggio.
Left wall: Call of Matthew: Caravaggio here puts together autobiographical notations and deep religious feelings.

The autobiographical traits are noted in the squalor of the tavern, then the two characters indifferent to the light of God, just think about the game.

San Luigi dei Francesi - click to enlarge
San Luigi dei Francesi - St. Matthew and the Angel San Luigi dei Francesi - Martyrdom of Matthew San Luigi dei Francesi - Call of Matthew
Caravaggio, St. Matthew and the Angel Caravaggio, Martyrdom of Matthew Caravaggio, Call of Matthew

The depth of the religious feelings is revealed in Christ who calls Matthew with Peter at his side. The liveliness expressed by the gesture means that Christ is present, He is always present.

Matthew and the others are dressed after the manner of Caravaggio time, to mean that each of us can be Matteo, each of us can be called to follow Christ leaving our tavern.

Metaphor for life useless.

The chapel dedicated to Saint Louis IX is the work of Plautilla Bricci (1616-1690), the first Italian and European woman architect.

Spectacular the dome of the chapel.

San Luigi dei Francesi - the dome
San Luigi dei Francesi, the dome - click to enlarge



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