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If we put in the center the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle, within 200 meters we find the church of Jesus, Santa Maria in Vallicella, and St. Ignatius, four churches that exhibit the great cycles of paintings of Christian Rome, where the painting is transformed into architectural forms that enhance the spirituality itself of the place.

This unity of expression called one interpreter for each church, with the exception of Sant'Andrea della Valle, which had two.

The great performers were:

Domenichino (1581 - 1641), and Giovanni Lanfranco (1582 - 1647), in Sant’Andrea della Valle;

Pietro da Cortona (1596 – 1669), in Santa Maria in Vallicella, known by the Romans as the New Church;

Baciccia (1639 -1709), in the Jesus, the mother church of the Jesuits;

Andrea Pozzo (1642 – 1709), in St. Ignatius.

Domenichino - clicca per ingrandire Giovanni Lanfranco - clicca per ingrandire Pietro da Cortona - clicca per ingrandire Baciccia - clicca per ingrandire Andrea Pozzo - clicca per ingrandire
Domenichino Giovanni Lanfranco Pietro da Cortona Baciccia Andrea Pozzo




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